Greetings Small Business Owners!

We are working hard to bring you information and resources to support your business and employees.

Here is a link to the constantly updated Heartland Employers Situation Room. http://c19central

This site has all things employers need to know about CARES Act, PPP Loans, Emergency PTO and FMLA rules, payroll tax credits and much much more. I guarantee you will be saving this to your “favorites” and referencing often!

No need to search the web to try and find your answers we’ve put it all in one single place.

A reminder to current Heartland clients – we’ve given all of our payroll clients access to our Human Resources Center through the month of April

I am still sending links to PPP loan applications. If you haven’t applied or are still waiting on your bank – give me a call and I can get you an application the same day. (503) 679-7851.

We are in this together and I’m rooting for each and every one of you!

Stay Safe & Soldier on!

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